Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Age Philosophy or Sensible Advice?

As usual as i was surfing through the youtube i came across a channel that completely caught me by surprise.
Now as i have mentioned b4 i'm trying to loose weight and so am constantly on the lookout for websites and videos to help me do the same.So the channel that caught my eye was called "impatientdieter".I mean how perfect is that name right? It completely describes my (and most of yours too...come on,don't lie) relationship with dieting,exercise,skincare,haircare and everything else.IMPATIENT.So i thought there couldn't be a more perfect plan for me.
Well if you check out her youtube page * impatientdieter * or her website ** you will see that she lost weight using a combination of mostly-liquid diet,simple exercises and what i like to call the power of the mind.Now don't get alarmed, i'm not about to go all new age-y on you but no one can ignore the fact that using your mind can help you achieve your goals faster(i mean seriously i cant believe i actually have to justify 'thinking').
Now it may not be possible to incorporate all her techniques or you may not even agree with all of them but personally for me i feel that starting the day with visualizing my goals and ending the day with a feeling of gratitude cannot be harming me in any way.
So these are the changes that i am making along with a few others which i will blog about soon.Tell me what you thought of these ideas and whether you will try any of them or run for the hills at any mention of the subconscious mind.

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