Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neutrogena didn't do it for me :-((

Hey guys!!
I just couldn't decide what to write about these past couple of days but I have now decided to write about something that I just love reading about on the net.....or in magazines.....or hearing abt from my friends.Basically,I am a girl.And so I present my first product review TANTADADAAAA.
I love using moisturizers.I have combination-dry skin and so anything that promises to quench my skin's thirst I have to try.But I am also lazy :-D and so with the importance of using sunscreen raining down on us from everywhere I am always on the lookout for a product that does both.
Hence when the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lottion with SPF 30 was released I had to try it.Now if you're wondering why I am only blogging abt it now its cause well its just now that I have a blog to.....er blog on :-P.

I want to apologize for the quality of the pics.Sorry I will get a camera soon.
What it claims : Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lotion SPF30 PA++ is a daily moisturizing whitening lotion that helps protect skin against the appearance of melanin and uneven pigmentation for a healthy, fair and translucent glow.UVA/UVB formula with SPF30 and PA++ helps to shield skin from darkening and photo damage 

My Experience : I had high expectations from this lotion since I had read a lot of positive reviews but was sorely disappointed.This does not suit my skin one bit.

  1. When I apply this lotion it feels greasy and even after a few minutes I can feel a film on my skin (strike one).
  2. Also it leaves a whitish cast on my skin that may give an illusion that I am "fairer" but in that sickly pale I just went on the scariest roller coaster ride of my life and now want to throw up way (strike two)             .
  3. I was especially amazed by the SPF 30(thats a nice number unlike the measly SPF 15) so I was determined to make this work.But no sooner do I step out in the sun does this make me sweat so profusely I just have to wipe my face.There goes my sun protection.Grrr...(strike three,your OUT).      
For a price of Rs.250 for 50ml I was expecting a better product, that too from a brand like Neutrogena.But atleast the pump dispensor and easily spreadable consistency are the two saving graces of the lotion.

Final Verdict : I give it 2 stars out of 5 since it may suit someone with a drier skin.