Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: Khadi whitening scrub BADAM (with aloevera)

I wanted to share with you guys a product that i have been in love with for a while, the Khadi whitening scrub- BADAM (with aloevera).
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As we know exfoliation is a crucial step in skincare and can really help in giving you a smooth,clear and flawless complexion.Even if we follow a regular CTM routine exfoliating your face and body skin at least once a week aids in keeping the blackheads,whiteheads and blemishes at bay.I personally love the the smooth and soft feeling my skin has after i have scrubbed and moisturized it :-).
Now I have been using the Khadi whitening scrub on and off for almost 5 months now.I say on nad off because no matter how well a product works for me i am always lured by shiny new ads and tips into trying new products(aren't we all).But of course on the bright side this means i get to review more products for you guys ;).

What it claims: An ayurvedic almond based face scrub which imparts natural nourishment effect to the skin.Removes blackheads and scars from the skin.

Method of use: Rub the scrub on face,elbow&neck gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6 min. and clean with moist cotton.Don't rub on acne or pimples.I personally apply a layer of the scrub on my face and allow it to soak in and soften all the dirt,oil etc.After 5 mins I gently scrub in circular motions and wash off with warm water.

Ingredients : Prunus Amygdalus, Symploces Racemosa, Rosa Alba, Aloevera Tourn, Glycerin, Sodii Biboras, Base, Preservative, Juglans Regia, Purified Water.
Nett Wt. 210ml.

My Experience with the product: The scrub is grainy in texture but has a very soft base.You can see the grains(almonds??) in the scrub quite clearly.This is good since I feel like I am getting my money's worth and it will be effective.

It does not scratch my skin and I feel the base is quite emollient and hence moisturizes my face while scrubbing.After using the scrub my skin feels absolutely clear,fresh and radiant.I have found that with regular use my blackheads and whiteheads are reduced and skin becomes softer.It also has a very clean,mild scent that I find refreshing but since it is mild you dont have to bother even if you don't like scented products.I have combination-dry skin and don't need to moisturize after using this(but I do anyway).It has never broken me out but it may be a problem for gals with very oily skin,though of course I have no proof of that.All in all I love   this scrub and the only con I can think of is that since it is quite thick(i.e its not runny) once you have used a bit of the scrub it equires quite an effprt to squeeze it out of the bottle.But I find that this problem is easily solved by storing the scrub cap side down.
Another problem is the flip cap which is difficult to open,especially with long nails.
P.S. I also use it whenever I've been out in the sun too long and have tanned quite a bit.It works beautifully to fade out the tan in a couple of uses.

Will I buy it again: Yes,absolutely.Its natural and effective and easy on the pocket at only Rs. 130 for 210ml (I got a discount of Rs.10) 

I give this product 4 hearts <3 <3 <3 <3  

Check out the website can even purchase their products from the website.


  1. ooo...sounds u knw khadi products r difficult to locate..n sum khadi stores too dont keep most of d stuff..

  2. check out the website Bhumika.They have many products which even I haven't seen in the stores.And they have online buying facility :D

  3. oh wow I so badly wanna try khadi products. Do you know where I can find a store sellling khadi products in mumbai? I doubt they ship internationally.there's no info about that on their site :(

  4. They are available at Khadi Gram Udyog centres all over Mumbai.
    This is the address of one such centre.
    New #286
    D.N. Road
    Near Handloom House
    I'm not frm Mumbai so cant be more helpful :(

  5. hey good review. will buy it if I see this in my local store.

  6. Do get it.Its definitely worth a try :)

  7. wow ya gotto try this 1.. had rose water from khadi and it was awesome..

  8. Hey thnx for the tip..I may pic up the rosewater if I see it :D(lol)

  9. Ohh Great stuff! I love products made with natural ingredients xoxo

  10. I would LOVE to try Khadi products coz I've read rave reviews. But the only khadi stuff that I've been able to find is soap! :( :(

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