Monday, October 18, 2010

Time To Don The Pink Ribbon Ladies

All this month i have been reading a lot about a very important and increasingly relevant topic on many international blogs but the desi front has been quieter on this front.Its October and it is the month for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.
The lovely people at Indusladies have organised an online campaign and i urge all of you to join in by spreading the word.
Though the risk of breast cancer is lower in India as compared to the more developed nations like America it is on the rise especially in the metros.It is reported that one in 22 women in India is likely to suffer from breast cancer during her lifetime.The reluctance of people to talk about it or seek help further increases risk and lowers survival rate.Hence its time we step up and take things into our own hands because as they say prevention is certainly better than cure.
Though the cause of cancer is still unknown and Genetics do put you at a higher risk there are many steps that we can take to protect ourselves.
  1. According to be getting tested should be the number ONE priority on everyone's lists. Yearly mammograms are recommended starting at age 40.Even if you are not at that age it doesn't hurt to be on top of things.And also each of us know at least one person who is at that age and its our responsibility to make sure they are aware and tested.
  2. The next step is to maintain an ideal weight with a BMI of under 25 all your life.If you happen to exceed this then there can be no greater motivation to lose weight.
  3. Improve your diet.Mediterranean diet is seen to be most effective in the prevention of cancer but the Indian diet is just as nutritious as long as we avoid the deep fried foods,sweets and limit usage of salt.
  4. Even if you are thin regular exercise of at least 30 mins daily is recommended.Yoga is a great way to get in exercise and also beat stress but if thats not your style then walk,cycle around your neighbourhood,play with your kids or even dance.As long as you move it will do you good.
  5. And finally like I mentioned eliminate(or reduce) stress in your life.Do whatever you enjoy doing  for an hour a day to put  a smile on your face and forget about all the things that seem to occupy your attention.I know a lady with three kids and she finds time to do all these things.She told me that the one hour a day that she devotes to exercise and other pleasurable activities is her time and she deserves it.YES ladies you do so please do this for youself beacuse ultimately if your not healthy you cant be there for your family and friends.
So ladies(and men) head over to Indusladies for all the informaton you need and help spread the word through their amazing campaign.

P.S. Breast Cancer is a serious business but we can find many fun and creative ways to send out the message.So this is my simple nail art dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.Enjoy!! :-D


  1. Hi sharon,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment. I totally relate to what you have writtent here.

    I'm so glad that you brought up this important voice in and posted about it.


  2. Thnx 4 the appreciation.
    I love ur blog by the way and ur sense of style <3<3

  3. wow this is a great post. we need to really create awareness about this issue. People just don't seem to take it seriously.
    btw lovely mani !! I'm thinking i will try that myself :D


  4. @ezzy ppl do need to take such issues more seriously.And do try the mani :D

    @rentu thnx :)

  5. hey ur post is wonderful and as a doctor i have seen numerous breast cancer cases. its really sad when they come in the last stge and all we can give is palliative care. anyway loved ur nail art.:)

  6. The nail art is awesome! & gr8 tips & advice for all women :)

  7. I think this is highly neglected in India.... good to see bloggers doing their bit... kudos Sharon!

  8. @Anju as a doctor u must definitely be the most aware of the stats na.Thnx 4 doing wat u do :)

    @Tanveer hope u try the mani

    @Anks Thnx.Every bit helps

  9. Hey great post- and something we all need to be more aware abt :)

  10. Aw Love the tribute on the nails!


  11. thnx dear for the post and loved ur nail art..

  12. @ Butterfly and Bhumika: Glad u guys liked it :)

  13. its so nice !!!
    loooking cute n d message u give is v kind of u ! i also do nail art sometimes...
    hope u dont mind me copying this ;) 'll paint my nails like this too...