Friday, December 17, 2010

I have News....

I'd just like to say i'm so sorry I haven't been posting more regularly over the past weeks.Its just that I have been really busy packing and getting all my stuff in order.You see for the first time ever I will be leaving home to go live in a completely different state because I now have a job.So I hope you can understand how crazy its been trying to get everything organised and ready while at the same time wrapping my head around the fact that I will not be seeing my family and friends for at least a few months :-(

But there is more.I may not have access to the net for a while so the blog may quite a little longer.I will try to post as soon as possible since you are going to be the only comfort I have for a while now.So this is it then.I'm excited,I'm anxious,I'm sad and worried.Looks like I'm finally growing up

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Youtube BeautyGurus

Until about eight or nine months ago I hadn't discovered the potential of Youtube.In fact I didn't even have an account on Facebook.I was more into books and magazines and couldn't understand how people could spend all day on the computer.But all that changed after I discovered youtube and more specifically the "beautygurus".


     1.  Dulcecandy87

The first youtube beauty video I ever saw was by Dulcecandy87 and she is my absolute favorite beautyguru.She is so animated and - as much as I hate this word - bubbly.She has over 390 videos which include everything from makeup looks,hauls,reviews,hairstyles,outfits etc.She even has a blog where she posts beautiful pictures of outfits along wid other updates about her life.You can check out her youtube channel here.

     2.  OxfordJasmine

She is another favorite of mine.I especially love her for her basic makeup videos and I have learnt a lot from just watching her youtube videos on everything from everyday makeup to evening looks and even makeup removal and skincare.We even have the same skintone so a lot of her shade recommendations work well for me.Since I am still a beginner in makeup I dont like using too many products to create a look and she id one of the few Gurus I've found that can get stunning results from minimum products.Also she only uses cruelty free products <3<3<3.Check out her blog and youtube channel.

     3.  Bubzbeauty

Someone with really simple makeup tutorials that look natural and wearable.I especially like her natural beauty tips for skincare and have tried many of them.The only thing I dislike hough is that many of her videos have a voice over and I would prefer if she just spoke directly on her videos coz she has a fun personality.Check out her youtube channel and her blog

     4.  MakeupByTiffanyD Ma

She is someone I discovered more recently but I've fallen in love with her easy to follow tutorials especially the celebrity inspired ones.The Kim Kardashian tute is one of my all time fave videos.Her youtube channel and blog


Again a guru with a great personality as well as great tutes.My fave videos of her are her skin care and fitness tips videos.I started taking cod liver oil after seeing her How To Get Flawless Skin by Kandee video which is om my favorite list.She also does makeup looks for various Disney characters that are fun to watch.Her channel and blog (which is really fun to read for her daily experinces).

     6.  Michelle Phan

All of you have probably already heard of her and love her videos.Many of you may feel that Michelle should have been mentioned much earlier in the list or even top the list and if we were talking about her earlier videos I would definitely agree.But I find her more recent videos lack the zest and spark she brought in the earlier ones.She is still does good videos and amazing transformations into various characters like cat woman and the disney princessesso do check out her channel (if you haven't already).

     7.  sccastaneda

I discovered her channel through Dulcecandy and I keep returning to her channel just because she is so much fun to watch and has a great fashion sense.Her haul videos are my faves and also her ocean sunset makeup tute.Check out her channel and blog


     8.  Megha8359

She is professional makeup artist and I love her makeup looks though they are a bit more dramatic and evening looks for me.Her videos help you refine your makeup technique and also introduce you to many products that professionals use in their makeup kit.Again as someone with a tan complexion her shade recoos are really useful.Her youtube channel and blog.

     9.Eve Pearl

Now I'm not sure if one would call her a youtube guru but she is definitely an amzing makeup artist with a channel worth checking out.She first introduced me to the concept of salmon concealor for under eye cirlces and I love watching the makeover videos on her channel.She does makeovers for ppl of different ethnicity so you can clearly see the problems with different skin tones and the techniques to correct them.Her youtube channel and site where you can buy her own brand of cosmetics.

   10. TotalMakeupJunkie101

I like to watch all her haul videos.She buys a lot of drugstore brands and has also been showing many of the higher end brands lately.Her reviews are accurate and unbiased and interesting to watch.You can check out her channel here

  And finally I wanted to thank Swathy from for giving me my first Blog Award.I am sorry this took so long but I am a bit of a scatterbrain :-P

She has a really lovely blog with lots of useful tips for skincare and product reviews.So do check it out if you haven't already.
I would like to pass on this award to the  people whose blogs inspired me to start my own.

  1. Rati from
  2. Tanveer from
  3. Mehak from
  4. Jiya from
  5. Anamika from
  6. Rakshanda from


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic Giveaway!!

Hey Guys.Jiya at is having an exciting giveaway.
If you love shopping then head over there right now because not only is she generously holding a giveaway she is also giving the winners an opportunity to choose their own gifts.There will be two winners who can choose products up to $35 and $15 as their respective gifts.Head over to  and choose whichever gifts you want.The giveaway ends on December 6th so hurry over to her website right now to enter.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wanna be Happy??

I always find that whatever I am going through there is always a song out there that says what I am feeling better than I ever could.So whenever I chance across such a song I will share it with you guys and if you have any such songs I wanna hear about them <3

Hope that made you smile!!!!!!!!!1

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Cooling Sunscreen:Review

I don't want to start off by emphasizing the importance of sunscreen because by now we've all read and re-read about this a million times.But did you know there was a song dedicated to sunscreen.Yes that's right a song!!! Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann advices you to wear sunscreen along with other little bits of wisdom.

So now that we have established the need to use a sunscreen I'm going to talk about my current HG sunscreen,Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Cooling Sunscreen.I say current because no matter how perfect a product is I cant resist going out and sampling newer ones that I feel may have something more to offer (and sometimes I just fall for the pretty ads :-P).

What the product claims: Safe Sun Absolute anti-tan gel is a medium intensity cooling sunscreen gel especially formulated for oily & combination skin.It has the soothing goodness of Calendula and vanilla extracts.

Method of use: I apply it on all exposed areas of the body 20-30 minutes before going out.This allows the sunscreen to absorb into the skin before going out in the sun and will ensure its effectiveness.If you don’t apply before sun exposure then the sunscreen will still work, but not as well.

Price: Rs 195/- for 60g.This quantity lasts me up to one and a half months with daily application once a day.If I reapply then it lasts for a month.

My Experience with the product: It does everything that it says.It is a whitish gel which spreads easily and absorbs into the skin immediately leaving it non greasy and with a cool feeling.It feels like I have just applied some menthol candy on my skin and I love this :-P.It smells like camphor to me but the smell dissipates quickly and isn't strong enough to bother even my sensitive nose.It has both UVA (PA++) and UVB (SPF 30) protection and prevents both ageing and tanning of skin.It is among the few broad spectrum sunscreens readily available in the Indian market.People with very dry skin may feel that this leaves their skin a little taut but I always apply a light moisturizer immediately after washing my face and have never had this problem.

Will I buy this again: Absolutely and without a doubt yes.I want to try the SPF 50 sunscreen from the same range but will always have this in stock to fall back on if that fails.

I give this product 4.5 stars <3<3<3<3<. This is definitely the product I want with me when stranded on a deserted island(especially because I imagine my Island in a tropical sunny region with hammocks and and palm trees :-D )

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Win a Sony Xperia X8!!!

Here an amazing opportunity for all you lucky readers in India.Head over to Shreya's Blog and get creative in order to be the lucky winner to get their hands on this beauty. The giveaway ends on  December 17, 2010 at 12 p.m so head over there before its too late :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Hair Journey-Potholes Included

I always had long hair.My mom used to oil and braid my hair daily and I used soft water from a well to wash my hair(I didn't live in a village we just had a well in our colony :P) weekly.That was the routine I followed for many years and always had silky,thick,shiny,LONG hair.It reached my waist at one point.
But then my mom got sick of seeing me with the same look for the last 13 years of my life and decided to chop of my hair.Till just below my ears.Seriously, how mean is that??!! That day I cried for at least an our like the contestants on America's Next Top Model on makeover day.It was such a drastic change but once I saw that my friends loved it I began to think it was cute too(what do you want from me,I was 13!!).But since my hair was well looked after it grew to many inches below my shoulder in a couple of months.That's what always happened.I cut it and it grew back pretty soon.But like it happens in all long term relationships I took my hair for granted and inflicted many tortures on it.
I went on diet(recommended by a dietitian),started exercising and discovered the blow dryer.If these sound like they should be good habits, read on.Whenever we go on a diet to lose a lot of weight(more than 10kg) it is essential to include multivitamin tablets in your diet because your new restricted diet will not be able to give you all the nutrients you need.Think about it : If your body needs 1600-1800 calories(the avg. 4 women) daily and you are only eating 1200 what about the nutrition from the remaining 600. In fact I would personally use a multivitamin daily regardless of your diet since with todays depleted soil and random eating habits our food does not provide all the nutrients.But at the time I did not know this and hence no multivitamins in my diet.

Also when you exercise a lot its important to wash your hair daily which I didn't do.All the sweat and oil trapped in your can weaken it at the roots and cause breakage and lead to scalp infections(hello dandruff!!).And lastly the hair dryer and okay Ill admit it occasionally the iron.No not the hair straighter but an actual clothes iron(hangs head in shame :(( ).Many girls in the hostel followed this method to straighten their locks and so I decided to do the same.NOT a good idea.Initially my hair was silky and frizz free but unknown to me the damage was occurring.All that heat caused massive split ends along the shaft if my hair and the ends were dry as straw.
And all this w/o even using a heat protectant.

Sooner or later we all have to face our mistakes and I  had to do the same.This time(one year ago) when I cut my hair it refused to grow.Now my hair is lightly wavy with loose curls at the ends so I assumed the curls were hiding the length.But even after many months it had only grown a few inches.Now this may be the normal speed for some of you but since I always had fast growing hair this worried me.So I decided to do some research and come up with some answers and solutions.

Here is what I have been following for a few weeks and plan to continue for a few months to see the difference in my hair.

  1. Eat a low calorie(healthy hair on a fat me is not the goal :P) but high in protein diet.I do this by determining my daily protein needs(GO HERE) and cutting calories by reducing carbs and fat.
  2. I take daily multivitamin supplements with my meals.Also I drink 2 or more liters of water but this is not difficult since I'm a water baby.
  3. I also take cod liver oil capsules daily.Initially I started with one at lunch and dinner and then progressed to 2.The bottle(SevenSeas SEACOD) says we can use 1-2 three times a day.I am already seeing benefits from this.After using them for about two months religiously I saw new short strands on my hairline.I never had bangs so this is new hair guys!!!(If you are planning to use this though just be careful of the amount of vitamin A in your multivitamin since cod liver oil has vitamin A.I would recommend having a nutritionist asses your diet and guide you on the options)
  4. I am on the lookout for flaxseed oil to replace the above since it has no Vitamin A and I can take my multivitamin in peace.
  5. I no longer use the hair dryer daily but only once or maybe twice in case of emergencies and always with a serum.I am working with the natural texture of my hair which just naturally emulates the romantic waves trend :-D
My hair is already growing longer and I will update you on the results and any changes/additions I make to my routine.A deep conditioning mask is next on my list! So tell me what you think and what worked for you. Empathy from other tress -stressed sisters is welcome and appreciated.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections-TAG (UPDATED)

I've noticed a lot of people on Youtube are doing videos on their imperfections(mostly physical) and perfections and thought that it was such an amazing idea.We've all known people who according to us look just amazing and seem just "Perfect" and whenever we see them we can't help but launch into a never ending comparathon that usually leads to crazy shopping, ice cream eating and/or huge telephone bills.
                                                                                                      image source
But it may surprise us to know that even these people see flaws when they look at themselves in the mirror.While it may be easy to brush aside their insecurities as over critical or vain behavior(especially when they complain about flaws that ain't even there) its important to remember that we are all guilty of it.While you may hate your curly hair someone else may love it or you may despise your bushy eyebrows while someone else is filling in their scant ones while secretly cursing you.
So the reason I loved this tag was that it was great way to show people that no one is really perfect and the girl you admire might even be insecure about the same things you are.And that's why i'm bringing this TAG into the blogging domain and starting off with 3 of my imperfections.

  1. This will come as no surprise if you have read my review on Vaseline Men's Lotion. I have man  hands.Now I know my genetics aren't in my favor here but what really bums me out is my hands aren't even similar.My right hand has darker and thicker knuckles than my left hand and so  people may think they are the hands of two different people.
  2. Now my second imperfection are my feet.They aren't too big or too small so I've always loved how I can get my feet into most of my friends shoes (and doubling my shoe closet) but a pair of shoes whose material i was allergic to as a child left dark marks on my big toe and bunions on the side of my feet which make me so conscious of wearing flimsy sandals or flip flops.This one is especially hard since I LOVE shoes(at least I have my peep-toes to comfort me).
  3. My weight.Now I know this is something I can control and am working on getting where I see myself being overweight all my life has skewed my self image so I always find myself questioning whether losing the weight will be enough.Now what that weird statement means is that I don't know what I will look like when I'm thin and I find myself questioning the outcome and maybe just expecting too much.
Trust me when I say I could go on but the purpose of this post isn't a crib fest so lets move on to the fun portion of the evening - 3 "Perfections"!!

  1. As much as I dislike my hands I love my nails.I know, I'm weird.Anyway I have always had smooth shiny nails with a wide nail bed that is perfect for painting them an array of colors.And after religiously taking cod liver oil capsules for many months they are strong and grow really fast.
  2. The second thing I love in myself and would never change are my dimples.It makes me wanna smile just thinking about them and I have received tons of complements on them.And the best part is I have one on each cheek.Say cheese 
  3. My skin.Now despite the tag my skin isn't an image of perfection but it is to me.I have combination dry extremely well behaved skin.Now I put my skin through a lot with eating junk,not exercising regularly,sleeping at unbelievable hours and going out w/o sunscreen and most of the times even forgetting to moisturize(both of which I have now stopped).But my skin doesn't ever breakout,just the rare pimple which heals with just eating well for a few days and keeping my fingers away from it.It's also remarkably resilient and survived in the humidity,sun of Goa as well as extreme cold and dry heat of Gujarat and everything in the middle w/o much interference from me coz until a few short years ago I just couldn't be bothered.
So those are my insecurities,vulnerabilities and joys about my body laid bare just 4 you.Be kind and while your reading about me let me know what yours imperfections AND perfections are.


P.S I just realised I made it sound like I only wanted 2 kno abt ur imperfections(suddenly English is my second lang). I wud love 2 hear abt all the things u love about urself coz there nothin makes me happier than a woman takin pride in herself.The purpose of this post was only to declare that each of us is Perfect in spite our imperfections.So comment and let me know            

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brighten up your Holidays:UPDATED!!

image source
Who doesn't love recieving gifts.With the festival season upon us(especially in India) everyone in the blogging community is joining in on the fun and holding so many generous giveaways.

Lisa at is holding a Surprise Giveaway.She hasn't revealed what the prize will be so the only way to find out is to go over to the blog and enter the giveaway.

Evelyn at is celebrating 600 followers with an awesome giveaway.One lucky winner will win the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol III .The giveaway is open till 3rd December 2010 so hurry over to her blog.

FashionedInFinland ( is giving away not one but two gorgeous Sleek palettes along with Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and TKB mini samples.

Joy at is having a Christmas giveaway of the lovely goodies you see in the pic above.There are many things to be won including Too Faced Pixie Pin-Ups eye collection (how pretty is that name), Too Faced Shadow Insurance,Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara in Intense Black and many many more.So check it out guys.

I absolutely adore painting my nails.If you're like me head over to to win a set of 18 adorable OPI minis.The colors are just gorgeous <3.My personal fav is "Just a Little Bit Dangerous"
(In <3 with purples)

P.S I just had to let you guys know about Anamika's Giveaway over at WiseShe.

They are some wonderful products and its open to international readers too.She has provided us with many opportunities to increase your entries (and chances of winning), so hurry over to her blog and Enter,Enter, Enter!!The giveaway ends on 21st of November at 11:59 PM.

mariealamode is having her third giveaway on her blog with lots and lots of exciting goodies so check it out girls.Giveaway closes on November 30th and it is open internationally.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Deepavali to All

image source

Wishing you and your family a Joyous and Prosperous Deepavali

image source
                                    Remember to Have Fun but Stay Safe :-)

image source
                              And don't miss all the yummy SWEETSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: Khadi whitening scrub BADAM (with aloevera)

I wanted to share with you guys a product that i have been in love with for a while, the Khadi whitening scrub- BADAM (with aloevera).
                                          Image courtesy

As we know exfoliation is a crucial step in skincare and can really help in giving you a smooth,clear and flawless complexion.Even if we follow a regular CTM routine exfoliating your face and body skin at least once a week aids in keeping the blackheads,whiteheads and blemishes at bay.I personally love the the smooth and soft feeling my skin has after i have scrubbed and moisturized it :-).
Now I have been using the Khadi whitening scrub on and off for almost 5 months now.I say on nad off because no matter how well a product works for me i am always lured by shiny new ads and tips into trying new products(aren't we all).But of course on the bright side this means i get to review more products for you guys ;).

What it claims: An ayurvedic almond based face scrub which imparts natural nourishment effect to the skin.Removes blackheads and scars from the skin.

Method of use: Rub the scrub on face,elbow&neck gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6 min. and clean with moist cotton.Don't rub on acne or pimples.I personally apply a layer of the scrub on my face and allow it to soak in and soften all the dirt,oil etc.After 5 mins I gently scrub in circular motions and wash off with warm water.

Ingredients : Prunus Amygdalus, Symploces Racemosa, Rosa Alba, Aloevera Tourn, Glycerin, Sodii Biboras, Base, Preservative, Juglans Regia, Purified Water.
Nett Wt. 210ml.

My Experience with the product: The scrub is grainy in texture but has a very soft base.You can see the grains(almonds??) in the scrub quite clearly.This is good since I feel like I am getting my money's worth and it will be effective.

It does not scratch my skin and I feel the base is quite emollient and hence moisturizes my face while scrubbing.After using the scrub my skin feels absolutely clear,fresh and radiant.I have found that with regular use my blackheads and whiteheads are reduced and skin becomes softer.It also has a very clean,mild scent that I find refreshing but since it is mild you dont have to bother even if you don't like scented products.I have combination-dry skin and don't need to moisturize after using this(but I do anyway).It has never broken me out but it may be a problem for gals with very oily skin,though of course I have no proof of that.All in all I love   this scrub and the only con I can think of is that since it is quite thick(i.e its not runny) once you have used a bit of the scrub it equires quite an effprt to squeeze it out of the bottle.But I find that this problem is easily solved by storing the scrub cap side down.
Another problem is the flip cap which is difficult to open,especially with long nails.
P.S. I also use it whenever I've been out in the sun too long and have tanned quite a bit.It works beautifully to fade out the tan in a couple of uses.

Will I buy it again: Yes,absolutely.Its natural and effective and easy on the pocket at only Rs. 130 for 210ml (I got a discount of Rs.10) 

I give this product 4 hearts <3 <3 <3 <3  

Check out the website can even purchase their products from the website.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

REVIEW:Vaseline Men Body Lotion

I have a confession to make.Whenever I see women with beautiful,long,elegant fingers on their soft and feminine hands,I envy them.Such beautiful hands just beg to be held and adorned with diamond rings.

Now don't be alarmed I do not have a creepy hand fetish.Its just that I have a condition called........Man hands(hangs head in shame).OK I will stop being dramatic now but the fact remains that even though i don't do a smidgen of housework or wash my hands multiple times my hands are neither soft and smooth like every other woman on the planet nor do i have smooth even toned knuckles.So i am always in the search for something to help me shake hands without being afraid of scratching people with my sandpaper palms(this is sadly not an exaggeration).
So as i was helping my mom in the supermarket one day my eyes fell on Vaseline MEN Body Lotion.Now my brain immediately thought Man Hands=Man Lotion.And thats how i ended up with this miracle.
Here's What It Claims:

Vaseline Men Fresh Hydrating Lotion with Vitamin E factor helps FIX and BUILD Men's Skin health.
The lotion is available in 200ml packs@ Rs 140 and 120 ml packs at Rs 75.I bought the 120ml pack.

My Experience With The Product: I had just finished my exams and had a lot of free time on my hands so i decided to put this time to good use.I used this lotion 4-5 times a day and made it a point to reapply every time my hands touched water.The Lotion is very smooth and runny in texture.Its not thick and gets easily absorbed into your skin leaving it feeling moisturized and smooth.The fragrance is quite strong and reminds me of old fashioned shaving cream.But being a men's lotion this is not unexpected.

On the first use I did not notice much difference.My hands were moisturized but I could still feel rough hard skin on my palms.But I persevered and by day three even my Mom could feel a difference when she touched my hands.Usually when I bend my fingers backwards(I don't know why I do this so please don't ask) my skin feels tight.dry and rough to the point where it hurts to do so.But now i could easily bend my fingers and the skin was smoother and my hands softer.I loved this product so much that I finished the whole bottle(being a cosmetic slut I keep changing products even if they are doing a good job).Now I wanted to go and buy a new bottle as soon as possible to keep my hands in great shape but I couldn't go shopping for many days.And what i observed was that my hands remained soft and smooth in spite of not using the lotion for days.I guess it did what it claimed and really did FIX and BUILD my skin so now I did not need as much lotion as before.Yippieee.

My Rating: I give this product 4.5 stars.I'm only deducting half a star so that they bring out a women's variation with the same formulation but a yummy fragrance. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time To Don The Pink Ribbon Ladies

All this month i have been reading a lot about a very important and increasingly relevant topic on many international blogs but the desi front has been quieter on this front.Its October and it is the month for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.
The lovely people at Indusladies have organised an online campaign and i urge all of you to join in by spreading the word.
Though the risk of breast cancer is lower in India as compared to the more developed nations like America it is on the rise especially in the metros.It is reported that one in 22 women in India is likely to suffer from breast cancer during her lifetime.The reluctance of people to talk about it or seek help further increases risk and lowers survival rate.Hence its time we step up and take things into our own hands because as they say prevention is certainly better than cure.
Though the cause of cancer is still unknown and Genetics do put you at a higher risk there are many steps that we can take to protect ourselves.
  1. According to be getting tested should be the number ONE priority on everyone's lists. Yearly mammograms are recommended starting at age 40.Even if you are not at that age it doesn't hurt to be on top of things.And also each of us know at least one person who is at that age and its our responsibility to make sure they are aware and tested.
  2. The next step is to maintain an ideal weight with a BMI of under 25 all your life.If you happen to exceed this then there can be no greater motivation to lose weight.
  3. Improve your diet.Mediterranean diet is seen to be most effective in the prevention of cancer but the Indian diet is just as nutritious as long as we avoid the deep fried foods,sweets and limit usage of salt.
  4. Even if you are thin regular exercise of at least 30 mins daily is recommended.Yoga is a great way to get in exercise and also beat stress but if thats not your style then walk,cycle around your neighbourhood,play with your kids or even dance.As long as you move it will do you good.
  5. And finally like I mentioned eliminate(or reduce) stress in your life.Do whatever you enjoy doing  for an hour a day to put  a smile on your face and forget about all the things that seem to occupy your attention.I know a lady with three kids and she finds time to do all these things.She told me that the one hour a day that she devotes to exercise and other pleasurable activities is her time and she deserves it.YES ladies you do so please do this for youself beacuse ultimately if your not healthy you cant be there for your family and friends.
So ladies(and men) head over to Indusladies for all the informaton you need and help spread the word through their amazing campaign.

P.S. Breast Cancer is a serious business but we can find many fun and creative ways to send out the message.So this is my simple nail art dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.Enjoy!! :-D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kim' 500 Followers Contest

1. What is your favorite brand of make-up and why?
My favorite brand of makeup(and do keep in mind that i am a makeup newbie) is Colorbar Cosmetics. They have a lot of gorgeous colors and shade options along with quality products that do what they are meant to.Also their affordability and ease of availability makes them an attractive option for a broke college girl like me.

2. So, because it is fall and it's all about the lips- What are your top 5 favorite lipstick(any brand)- NOTE: I need some recommendations :)
Ohk so here goes
  1.  TBS No. 63 which is a gorgeous creamy coral color that is just beautiful on dusky complexions.
  2. Maybelline Color Sensational in Autumn Rush
  3. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Rose
  4. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Peach
  5. Mac Fanfare lipstick that i have been coveting for very long :-P :-P

Do check out Kim's Blog over at

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neutrogena didn't do it for me :-((

Hey guys!!
I just couldn't decide what to write about these past couple of days but I have now decided to write about something that I just love reading about on the net.....or in magazines.....or hearing abt from my friends.Basically,I am a girl.And so I present my first product review TANTADADAAAA.
I love using moisturizers.I have combination-dry skin and so anything that promises to quench my skin's thirst I have to try.But I am also lazy :-D and so with the importance of using sunscreen raining down on us from everywhere I am always on the lookout for a product that does both.
Hence when the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lottion with SPF 30 was released I had to try it.Now if you're wondering why I am only blogging abt it now its cause well its just now that I have a blog blog on :-P.

I want to apologize for the quality of the pics.Sorry I will get a camera soon.
What it claims : Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lotion SPF30 PA++ is a daily moisturizing whitening lotion that helps protect skin against the appearance of melanin and uneven pigmentation for a healthy, fair and translucent glow.UVA/UVB formula with SPF30 and PA++ helps to shield skin from darkening and photo damage 

My Experience : I had high expectations from this lotion since I had read a lot of positive reviews but was sorely disappointed.This does not suit my skin one bit.

  1. When I apply this lotion it feels greasy and even after a few minutes I can feel a film on my skin (strike one).
  2. Also it leaves a whitish cast on my skin that may give an illusion that I am "fairer" but in that sickly pale I just went on the scariest roller coaster ride of my life and now want to throw up way (strike two)             .
  3. I was especially amazed by the SPF 30(thats a nice number unlike the measly SPF 15) so I was determined to make this work.But no sooner do I step out in the sun does this make me sweat so profusely I just have to wipe my face.There goes my sun protection.Grrr...(strike three,your OUT).      
For a price of Rs.250 for 50ml I was expecting a better product, that too from a brand like Neutrogena.But atleast the pump dispensor and easily spreadable consistency are the two saving graces of the lotion.

Final Verdict : I give it 2 stars out of 5 since it may suit someone with a drier skin.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Giveaways Galore!!

Hey guys.
I've really enjoyed penning down my thoughts and i hope u guys enjoy reading them too.
I'm dedicating this blogpost entirely to Renay Shanel over at She has been extremely generous and is doing a multitude of giveaways guys.

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Garden Botanika Slip Gloss Giveaway!

And the sweetheart that she is she is also giving away some Garden Botanika lip Glosses.

So hurry over to and leave a gr8 big thank you comment for the generous Renay.

P.S. I wanted to add the following Giveaways that u should definitely checkout

"Double TRIPLE The Fun" Giveaway!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too True

Just couldn't resist sharing this with everyone.

If only we could remember this on those days when we look in the mirror and feel bloated,frazzled or just too ugly to live (so basically every Monday),we could walk out into the world with smiles on our faces,which would incidentally do a gr8 job of hiding our crazy state anyway.
And if you like this you should check out for more amazing cartoons by the talented Alex.
Have a Great Day guys.

New Age Philosophy or Sensible Advice?

As usual as i was surfing through the youtube i came across a channel that completely caught me by surprise.
Now as i have mentioned b4 i'm trying to loose weight and so am constantly on the lookout for websites and videos to help me do the same.So the channel that caught my eye was called "impatientdieter".I mean how perfect is that name right? It completely describes my (and most of yours too...come on,don't lie) relationship with dieting,exercise,skincare,haircare and everything else.IMPATIENT.So i thought there couldn't be a more perfect plan for me.
Well if you check out her youtube page * impatientdieter * or her website ** you will see that she lost weight using a combination of mostly-liquid diet,simple exercises and what i like to call the power of the mind.Now don't get alarmed, i'm not about to go all new age-y on you but no one can ignore the fact that using your mind can help you achieve your goals faster(i mean seriously i cant believe i actually have to justify 'thinking').
Now it may not be possible to incorporate all her techniques or you may not even agree with all of them but personally for me i feel that starting the day with visualizing my goals and ending the day with a feeling of gratitude cannot be harming me in any way.
So these are the changes that i am making along with a few others which i will blog about soon.Tell me what you thought of these ideas and whether you will try any of them or run for the hills at any mention of the subconscious mind.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.........

You know what they say about good intentions right....
How is it possible that i make promises to myself every night and promptly forget about them the next morning.I personally blame the incessant rainfall we have been having but then again i can always find something/someone to blame.
For example no sooner did i get on the treadmill yesterday did i get a call from my friend that she was on her way to meet me.So i was obligated to postpone my "lifestyle change" by another day.And  today i have to go to a friend's birthday dinner.It's as if the universe has a plot to keep me stuck in one place.
Arghhh....... I need help

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm becoming the person i want to be (hopefully)

OK!! Hi guys so this is my first post and i just wanted to say it feels like i'm finally taking some action and holding myself accountable.What that means is that i like so many of us have been trying to lose weight,get the perfect skin and hair and just so many other things.But the queen of procrastinating that i am the tomorrow just never EVER came.So this is it.........I am asking you guys to help keep me honest and maybe even join in while i attempt to right all the wrongs i seem to have inflicted on myself