Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Cooling Sunscreen:Review

I don't want to start off by emphasizing the importance of sunscreen because by now we've all read and re-read about this a million times.But did you know there was a song dedicated to sunscreen.Yes that's right a song!!! Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann advices you to wear sunscreen along with other little bits of wisdom.

So now that we have established the need to use a sunscreen I'm going to talk about my current HG sunscreen,Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan Cooling Sunscreen.I say current because no matter how perfect a product is I cant resist going out and sampling newer ones that I feel may have something more to offer (and sometimes I just fall for the pretty ads :-P).

What the product claims: Safe Sun Absolute anti-tan gel is a medium intensity cooling sunscreen gel especially formulated for oily & combination skin.It has the soothing goodness of Calendula and vanilla extracts.

Method of use: I apply it on all exposed areas of the body 20-30 minutes before going out.This allows the sunscreen to absorb into the skin before going out in the sun and will ensure its effectiveness.If you don’t apply before sun exposure then the sunscreen will still work, but not as well.

Price: Rs 195/- for 60g.This quantity lasts me up to one and a half months with daily application once a day.If I reapply then it lasts for a month.

My Experience with the product: It does everything that it says.It is a whitish gel which spreads easily and absorbs into the skin immediately leaving it non greasy and with a cool feeling.It feels like I have just applied some menthol candy on my skin and I love this :-P.It smells like camphor to me but the smell dissipates quickly and isn't strong enough to bother even my sensitive nose.It has both UVA (PA++) and UVB (SPF 30) protection and prevents both ageing and tanning of skin.It is among the few broad spectrum sunscreens readily available in the Indian market.People with very dry skin may feel that this leaves their skin a little taut but I always apply a light moisturizer immediately after washing my face and have never had this problem.

Will I buy this again: Absolutely and without a doubt yes.I want to try the SPF 50 sunscreen from the same range but will always have this in stock to fall back on if that fails.

I give this product 4.5 stars <3<3<3<3<. This is definitely the product I want with me when stranded on a deserted island(especially because I imagine my Island in a tropical sunny region with hammocks and and palm trees :-D )


  1. Wow this one sounds really great...I love Lotus sunscreen and I use one too but not this one.
    Thanks for sharing:)) will surely check out this.

  2. hey sharon
    haha even i have heard this soong before! yeah its appropriate and funny!i have spf 50 in this range. its in a spray form...n i love it..light n waterproof,sweatproof! helps me when i swim!

  3. hey this seems like a good sunscreen. will definitely check it out ,thanks for reviewing

  4. @Rakshanda and Anju: Yeah I <3 it(as if u cudn't already tell)Do check it out

    @Radhika Thnx 4 the mini review.Next on my list :)

  5. i used to use lotus sunscreen for my face earlier... my skin used to get oily fast... will try this, it might be different... :-)) ..

  6. glad you had such a great experience with this sunscreen. and i love that song by Baz! reminds me of high school. :)

  7. I think I will have to give it a try on my next trip back home! :)

  8. @SHOPPINGinBENGALURU and Tanvii :I've tried many sunscreens and this is the only one that has worked perfectly

    @Cheryl I LOVED dat song.It rings so true w/o being preachy

  9. nice review..will check it out..

  10. Thanx for Sharing! Nice Review ;-)
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