Monday, November 15, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections-TAG (UPDATED)

I've noticed a lot of people on Youtube are doing videos on their imperfections(mostly physical) and perfections and thought that it was such an amazing idea.We've all known people who according to us look just amazing and seem just "Perfect" and whenever we see them we can't help but launch into a never ending comparathon that usually leads to crazy shopping, ice cream eating and/or huge telephone bills.
                                                                                                      image source
But it may surprise us to know that even these people see flaws when they look at themselves in the mirror.While it may be easy to brush aside their insecurities as over critical or vain behavior(especially when they complain about flaws that ain't even there) its important to remember that we are all guilty of it.While you may hate your curly hair someone else may love it or you may despise your bushy eyebrows while someone else is filling in their scant ones while secretly cursing you.
So the reason I loved this tag was that it was great way to show people that no one is really perfect and the girl you admire might even be insecure about the same things you are.And that's why i'm bringing this TAG into the blogging domain and starting off with 3 of my imperfections.

  1. This will come as no surprise if you have read my review on Vaseline Men's Lotion. I have man  hands.Now I know my genetics aren't in my favor here but what really bums me out is my hands aren't even similar.My right hand has darker and thicker knuckles than my left hand and so  people may think they are the hands of two different people.
  2. Now my second imperfection are my feet.They aren't too big or too small so I've always loved how I can get my feet into most of my friends shoes (and doubling my shoe closet) but a pair of shoes whose material i was allergic to as a child left dark marks on my big toe and bunions on the side of my feet which make me so conscious of wearing flimsy sandals or flip flops.This one is especially hard since I LOVE shoes(at least I have my peep-toes to comfort me).
  3. My weight.Now I know this is something I can control and am working on getting where I see myself being overweight all my life has skewed my self image so I always find myself questioning whether losing the weight will be enough.Now what that weird statement means is that I don't know what I will look like when I'm thin and I find myself questioning the outcome and maybe just expecting too much.
Trust me when I say I could go on but the purpose of this post isn't a crib fest so lets move on to the fun portion of the evening - 3 "Perfections"!!

  1. As much as I dislike my hands I love my nails.I know, I'm weird.Anyway I have always had smooth shiny nails with a wide nail bed that is perfect for painting them an array of colors.And after religiously taking cod liver oil capsules for many months they are strong and grow really fast.
  2. The second thing I love in myself and would never change are my dimples.It makes me wanna smile just thinking about them and I have received tons of complements on them.And the best part is I have one on each cheek.Say cheese 
  3. My skin.Now despite the tag my skin isn't an image of perfection but it is to me.I have combination dry extremely well behaved skin.Now I put my skin through a lot with eating junk,not exercising regularly,sleeping at unbelievable hours and going out w/o sunscreen and most of the times even forgetting to moisturize(both of which I have now stopped).But my skin doesn't ever breakout,just the rare pimple which heals with just eating well for a few days and keeping my fingers away from it.It's also remarkably resilient and survived in the humidity,sun of Goa as well as extreme cold and dry heat of Gujarat and everything in the middle w/o much interference from me coz until a few short years ago I just couldn't be bothered.
So those are my insecurities,vulnerabilities and joys about my body laid bare just 4 you.Be kind and while your reading about me let me know what yours imperfections AND perfections are.


P.S I just realised I made it sound like I only wanted 2 kno abt ur imperfections(suddenly English is my second lang). I wud love 2 hear abt all the things u love about urself coz there nothin makes me happier than a woman takin pride in herself.The purpose of this post was only to declare that each of us is Perfect in spite our imperfections.So comment and let me know            


  1. lol one post is not enough to write my imperfections !!
    would love to see your dimples !!!!

  2. I 2 wanted to go on after 3 ;) Lol we are all the same
    :D(dimpled grin just 4 u)

  3. I don't have any. I mean I'm not perfect looking, but there's nothing I can sit and think of that I'd change.
    I hated my nose growing up, but now I realize that's what makes me, "me" and unique. And I like "me" so how can I hate my nose? :D:D

    Man hands or not you're a beautiful person inside-out. *Hug*

  4. Btw...I have Inspite of the Gods lying at home, is it good? Should I read it? Perhaps we can discuss it later :)

  5. Thnx 4 the hug Devie(hugs back)
    I admire ur confidence abt urself :)
    Oh and I am liking the book a lot.Growing up here u don't tend to realise a lot of things that may seem odd to someone frm another culture.So its nice to read it frm their point of view especially when it doesn't come frm a condescending n judgemental place

  6. this is such a great post. I was obese all thru my childhood and not tat I have reached my perfect weight but now I am wat u would call plump lol. much better than being FAT .....i guess. am still working on it.lose 6-7 more kgs and I will reach my goal:)

  7. and hey to answer ur question. As i have fine hair I used to apply livon sparingly on my towel dried hair and comb through and would let it air dry.My best friend(she has thick lustrous hair...i always envy her lol)used to put this on her dry hair and comb through or used to blow dry her hair after that on cool setting.I stopped using livon as it stopped working for me after some time :( i don't think they instruct to use it on soaking wet hair ..........but there is no harm in experimenting once and seeing the results! :)

  8. Sharon, I want to clarify one thing that generally the right hand or the prominent hand is always thicker n darker than the other one coz of the usage difference. It might be more visible in some and less visible in others.

  9. @indianmakeupways hey thnx 4 answerin my ques. And Aren't we are always under renovation,wid our faces/bodies I mean ;)

    @perfectskincareforyou Really!! :O
    Had no idea.I've only seen dis on my hand or maybe mine is the only hand I pay so much(some may say too much) attention to.LOL.
    Thnx 4 the info :)

  10. loved reading the tag Sharon :)