Friday, December 17, 2010

I have News....

I'd just like to say i'm so sorry I haven't been posting more regularly over the past weeks.Its just that I have been really busy packing and getting all my stuff in order.You see for the first time ever I will be leaving home to go live in a completely different state because I now have a job.So I hope you can understand how crazy its been trying to get everything organised and ready while at the same time wrapping my head around the fact that I will not be seeing my family and friends for at least a few months :-(

But there is more.I may not have access to the net for a while so the blog may quite a little longer.I will try to post as soon as possible since you are going to be the only comfort I have for a while now.So this is it then.I'm excited,I'm anxious,I'm sad and worried.Looks like I'm finally growing up

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Youtube BeautyGurus

Until about eight or nine months ago I hadn't discovered the potential of Youtube.In fact I didn't even have an account on Facebook.I was more into books and magazines and couldn't understand how people could spend all day on the computer.But all that changed after I discovered youtube and more specifically the "beautygurus".


     1.  Dulcecandy87

The first youtube beauty video I ever saw was by Dulcecandy87 and she is my absolute favorite beautyguru.She is so animated and - as much as I hate this word - bubbly.She has over 390 videos which include everything from makeup looks,hauls,reviews,hairstyles,outfits etc.She even has a blog where she posts beautiful pictures of outfits along wid other updates about her life.You can check out her youtube channel here.

     2.  OxfordJasmine

She is another favorite of mine.I especially love her for her basic makeup videos and I have learnt a lot from just watching her youtube videos on everything from everyday makeup to evening looks and even makeup removal and skincare.We even have the same skintone so a lot of her shade recommendations work well for me.Since I am still a beginner in makeup I dont like using too many products to create a look and she id one of the few Gurus I've found that can get stunning results from minimum products.Also she only uses cruelty free products <3<3<3.Check out her blog and youtube channel.

     3.  Bubzbeauty

Someone with really simple makeup tutorials that look natural and wearable.I especially like her natural beauty tips for skincare and have tried many of them.The only thing I dislike hough is that many of her videos have a voice over and I would prefer if she just spoke directly on her videos coz she has a fun personality.Check out her youtube channel and her blog

     4.  MakeupByTiffanyD Ma

She is someone I discovered more recently but I've fallen in love with her easy to follow tutorials especially the celebrity inspired ones.The Kim Kardashian tute is one of my all time fave videos.Her youtube channel and blog


Again a guru with a great personality as well as great tutes.My fave videos of her are her skin care and fitness tips videos.I started taking cod liver oil after seeing her How To Get Flawless Skin by Kandee video which is om my favorite list.She also does makeup looks for various Disney characters that are fun to watch.Her channel and blog (which is really fun to read for her daily experinces).

     6.  Michelle Phan

All of you have probably already heard of her and love her videos.Many of you may feel that Michelle should have been mentioned much earlier in the list or even top the list and if we were talking about her earlier videos I would definitely agree.But I find her more recent videos lack the zest and spark she brought in the earlier ones.She is still does good videos and amazing transformations into various characters like cat woman and the disney princessesso do check out her channel (if you haven't already).

     7.  sccastaneda

I discovered her channel through Dulcecandy and I keep returning to her channel just because she is so much fun to watch and has a great fashion sense.Her haul videos are my faves and also her ocean sunset makeup tute.Check out her channel and blog


     8.  Megha8359

She is professional makeup artist and I love her makeup looks though they are a bit more dramatic and evening looks for me.Her videos help you refine your makeup technique and also introduce you to many products that professionals use in their makeup kit.Again as someone with a tan complexion her shade recoos are really useful.Her youtube channel and blog.

     9.Eve Pearl

Now I'm not sure if one would call her a youtube guru but she is definitely an amzing makeup artist with a channel worth checking out.She first introduced me to the concept of salmon concealor for under eye cirlces and I love watching the makeover videos on her channel.She does makeovers for ppl of different ethnicity so you can clearly see the problems with different skin tones and the techniques to correct them.Her youtube channel and site where you can buy her own brand of cosmetics.

   10. TotalMakeupJunkie101

I like to watch all her haul videos.She buys a lot of drugstore brands and has also been showing many of the higher end brands lately.Her reviews are accurate and unbiased and interesting to watch.You can check out her channel here

  And finally I wanted to thank Swathy from for giving me my first Blog Award.I am sorry this took so long but I am a bit of a scatterbrain :-P

She has a really lovely blog with lots of useful tips for skincare and product reviews.So do check it out if you haven't already.
I would like to pass on this award to the  people whose blogs inspired me to start my own.

  1. Rati from
  2. Tanveer from
  3. Mehak from
  4. Jiya from
  5. Anamika from
  6. Rakshanda from


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic Giveaway!!

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