Friday, December 17, 2010

I have News....

I'd just like to say i'm so sorry I haven't been posting more regularly over the past weeks.Its just that I have been really busy packing and getting all my stuff in order.You see for the first time ever I will be leaving home to go live in a completely different state because I now have a job.So I hope you can understand how crazy its been trying to get everything organised and ready while at the same time wrapping my head around the fact that I will not be seeing my family and friends for at least a few months :-(

But there is more.I may not have access to the net for a while so the blog may quite a little longer.I will try to post as soon as possible since you are going to be the only comfort I have for a while now.So this is it then.I'm excited,I'm anxious,I'm sad and worried.Looks like I'm finally growing up


  1. heyy congrats!!1 what do u work as?

  2. Hey sharon,

    Congrats and all the best!

    I am new to blogging and recently started my own blog.

    Please check it out.

  3. congrats on ur new job, do well and find time to post the articles,,take care :)

  4. Good luck Sharon!
    Hope you enjoy this change and make the most of it :D

  5. good luck Sharon and all the best :)

  6. Good Luck Dear ;-) All the best
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  7. gud luck dea :)

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